Sea Freight Import & Export

Offering fast and effective sea freight import and export solutions, we ensure customized logistics services over the sea to fit our client’s requirements. With years of experience in the industry we assure best routes and quick transit times enabling our clients to move their freights around the world without a hassle.

Air Freight Import & Export

Ensuring fast and flawless air freight importing and exporting services, we offer customized air freight solutions with great flexibility and efficiency. Our excellent transport connections and continuous tracking of shipments with no weight restrictions and fast clearance will ensure hassle-free air freight solutions regardless of where you want your freight moved.

Buyers consolidation

Offering our customers who receive orders from multiple suppliers, a leaner, more effective and more cost-effective supply chain solution, we provide premium grade buyer’s consolidation services. Assembling all LCL (Less-than-Container-Load) orders into a single Full Container Load rather than moving individual shipments independently our consolidation solutions simplify the supply chain process.

SEA/AIR Transshipment

Designed to deliver our clients a convenient and cost-effective cargo movement to fit their unique situation, we offer strategic sea/air transshipments solutions connecting the best ports and airports so our clients can move their cargo fast. Ensuring you effective documentation and smooth operations we are here to help our clients find the best transshipments solutions for their shipments.

Custom Clearance

We offer end-to-end custom clearance solutions to ensure a hassle-free and stress-free custom clearance process for all our clients’ cargo. With years of experience in customs clearance, we have the expertise to clear all types of shipments reducing lead time, optimizing the cash flow and minimizing customs duties.

Logistics & Transport

Providing our clients with hassle-free logistics and transport solutions we help them deliver goods on time to their customers every time. We have a strong network of clearance and transport partners with which we can ensure cost-effective and risk-free transport solutions even to very remote corners of the world.

Door-to-Door Service

Enabling our clients to deliver their orders to their customers' doorstep no matter where they are in the world, our door-to-door service ensure fast and effective delivery service on time. With a large network of courier services, we always provide our clients with the best rates and risk-free and damage-free deliveries.

Multi-Country Consolidation

Helping our customers save money to spend on supply chain significantly all our multi-country consolidation solutions aims for quality, efficiency and provide them with new and better opportunities to open new sourcing options. Ensuring visibility throughout the supply chain operation, we guarantee smooth MCC solutions for our clients.

Warehouse storage solutions

With a wide network of best of cargo movement facilities, we ensure cost-effective and flexible warehouse storage solutions to help our clients manage deliveries effectively. Ensuring effective storage and inventory tracking our aim is to enable timely deliveries while reducing asset management costs.

Cross Trade Business

Enabling our clients to manage international trading with ease and cost-effectively our cross-trade services provide reliable logistic solutions to move cargo event to most difficult to reach destinations. Over-seeing the supply chain from start-to-end while effectively tracking containers we made cross trading simple and easy for exporters and importers.