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Seiko Freight & Trading (Pvt) Ltd

Seiko Freight & Trading (Pvt) Ltd is an experienced logistic solution provider based in Sri Lanka with 10 years of experience in the industry. Offering you a range of logistic and transport services including Sea Freight Import & Export, Air Freight Import & Export, Buyers consolidation, SEA/AIR Transshipment, Custom Clearance, Logistics & Transport, Door to Door Service and Multi Country Consolidation we ensure our clients a hassle-free import and export with efficiency.

At Seiko Freight & Trading (Pvt) Ltd our goal is to make freight forwarding stress-free, risk-free and cost-effective for our clients no matter where they want their cargo moved around the world. With a wide network of partners in the industry, we ensure timely deliveries across the globe assuring fast custom clearance and trouble-free documentation process. Being with our customers throughout the cargo movement process from their initial inquiry till the cargo reach the end destination, we ensure smooth operation with strategic planning.

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Competitive rates

With a wide network in logistics around the world, we ensure competitive price with strategic routes.

Service integrity

We are transparent, fair, honest and maintain our customer privacy throughout the service process.

Reliable service

We are responsible and accountable for our work and always strive to be trustworthy for our clients.

Experienced team

With a well-experienced team who have years of experience in the industry, we have the connections and expertise to ensure an effective solution.

Solutions made for customer success

Our customers are our number one priority; thus, all our solutions start with the focus to provide the best value for them.

Customized solutions

We always take time to understand your requirements and deliver you a tailor-made solution for your situation.

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